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January 30th, 2006

This is the End My Friend

yummymommy is over. I'm a new person.
I've changed so much in the last year, grown into a better person and have different desires, needs and wants. It's time I moved on.
I'm keeping this journal for memories but will never post in it again.
Instead I started madame_venus, feel free to add me as a friend, I've been going through the list and adding a lot of you back.
I wanted to wait until I was comfortable with my journal, until it I was ready to present it to you but I was "outed" as it were so now's as good a time as any.
I'm looking forward to the years ahead.



I want to make some vegan cookies that I can cut out with cutters and decorate.
Do any of you have some wonderful recipes?

January 29th, 2006

Pretty Pretty

I need to make a sign for the coat check tip jar at Cirque and so far the wittiest one I've come up with is "Tip us, we bite"....right, soooo, what do you think would be good? Give me your most sassy suggestions!

January 26th, 2006

Ack, Ack, Bleck!

Something is wrong with my brain. It started with my hormones and what is lovingly termed PMS, a condition that is new to me. Then I don't know, stress? .......snowball effect...
and now I'm here. Unable to take comfort from anyone else as I see my "condition", my "mood" as a weakness, something would imply a culling of the herd as necessary. I feel caught in a hurricane, unable to accept the rope Paul is holding out for me. I'm watching myself bulldoze everything in my path from a distance.
What I think finally cracked me was going to weigh in and finding out I gained a pound. How could I gain weight when I've been starving. Ok, that was so full of pretentious bullshit but you know *I am* a middle class north american white girl ;/

Right, where were we. I've caught a fire under my ass to start my own cake business, been researching like mad finding as much info as I can get my hands on, what would my first step be...

If anyone has old Martha Stewart magazines, especially wedding ones, or wedding mags in general they'd like to pass on to me I'd be ever grateful. That woman knows people who make good cakes, have you seen the Meyer Lemon one in the latest issue?

January 25th, 2006


spider__woman! I want to talk to you more about WW, er, tomorrow? What are you up to tomorrow night?

dekucat I want to ask some questions about your entrepreneur program and starting your business!

mammaopal how come it's always me who calls you? Also, I forgot to write down what I lent you now I'm all paranoid :/

Also, any of my friends sculpturally inclined? Want to talk business? ;)

January 23rd, 2006


Before I post to bc_parents or Freecycle I thought I'd ask if any of my dear LJ friends would like any of these things we're giving away...

-An armful of child size green india style bangles

- The Firm on VHS
- The Secret of Nihm on VHS (I know, so old school now)
- Star Wars Gold Set on VHS
- The Jungle Book, again, on VHS

- Pull Ups, size 4T and 5T (34-65lbs), 2 bags
- Various outside plastic toys, like a dumptruck and shovels sort of thing.
- a giant purple ball
- Two sets of bookends
- Collapsible dog crate for medium dog, I forgot the measurements.</strike>
- Patterns for fairy costumes and baby clothes
- Excellent condition Stiga table top hockey game
- XL Helly Hansen Work Pants, bib style
- kids metal tricycle (1-2, maybe 3 year old size)
- kids two wheeler with training wheels, probably good for 3-4 year old (i have pictures just can't find them)

let me know Asap :)

---------More Added--------

-marble chess board with pieces, two of which are broken.
- child's school desk painted blue and with handy pencil spot and inkwell
- size 10 soccer/baseball shoes I can't remember which one has metal cleats and which ones has rubber...


Boondock Saints
I'm going through yet another existential crisis, I wonder if it's because I'm too posh out here in western civilization. I mean, if I lived over in the Eastern continents, or even up North, would I still be worried about what I'm doing with my life? Or is it just a matter of replacing one fear with another?
Either way I have a lot on my mind these days, all pretty practical matters. I want to pay of my 10 grand (not including student loan) debt in a year and start saving up. I want to give blood, I want to finally make an appointment with the bank to open up Brandon's savings account. I'd like to finish the two newsletters I'm responsible for and finally finish writing the letters I've been meaning to do since Christmas.
Oh and I'm giving away a ton of stuff. I just want it gone.
Tonight we paint the kitchen. Seriously, last night we moved out the appliances, stove, fridge and all and patched the holes. Today we bought the paint.

I'm having a really hard time with weight watchers. I feel like I'm starving and when I'm not it's because I'm uber guilty for eating food high in calories/fat. I don't feel like I have any support. Maybe it's the meeting place I go to, I find it extremely irrelevant. The only use I've gotten out of it so far is their scale. They don't have anyone to talk with on an individual basis. I fear I may have set myself up to a goal I'll fail :(

Enough pity party for me. I bought two Martha Stewart magazines as a treat for myself and I think I just might make some tea and read through them, then back to work :)

January 17th, 2006


I believe our bodies are created on an assembly line.
Huge vats of cells labeled "hormones", "nerves", "tissues" and subdivisions labeled "Systems". The little pickle jars we are mixed in are carried forth on conveyor belts where wee little humanoid creatures pour the prescribed amount of liquid out of each appropriate vat.
The cellular material itself is extremely well taken care of, kept, tended to and moderated. The application though is done freehand which gives us our own little bit of uniqueness.
Our pickle jars of genetic goop are much the gifts of "cookie in a jar" that you may have been given at Christmas- just add water, stir and bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.
There is a loose organization of course, it needs to account for balancing the races, and more importantly, the genders.
Ah, our sexes.
We like to think they are dictated by chromosomes but it's much more loosey goosey than that. We are given everything needed for either sex, which one we carry forth to be visible is determined by the freepouring. Ok, this one has a little more testosterone, slap a penis on it! Sometimes the wee little humanoid on genital duty may blink, maybe lose count and a designated "female" pickle jar comes along and instead of packing vagina into the care package that goes with it a penis goes along instead. The mistake isn't caught.
Sometimes it is and instead of having to take back the genitals in question (after all you don't want to waste them and who wants second hand cock anyway?) there's a "quick fix" bag where little vials of testosterone and estrogen are kept on hand to even off the disparity between the dominate hormone and the genital set given. Thus we have some people running around perfectly happy in their masculinity and their unmatching crotch.

I myself am resplendent in my femininity. I feel like the pinnacle of my gender. I am All That Is Woman! In accordance, as is only fitting, I honour and even worship All That Is Masculine. I adore my male counterpart. For that is what makes my female so rich, it's what feeds it and gives it strength. The man in me.

January 16th, 2006

Hostess with the Mostess

Tomorrow I'm staying home and baking treats for the Tea Party on Saturday. I'm going to make Cherry Tarts, little Chocolate Mocha Cakes, Apple Puff Pastries as well as Scones with Devonshire Cream and Lemon Curd.
I need to plan out how many tea pots I'll need and coordinate keeping them hot.
I also want to individualize the cups so people can take them home as a party favour. (got to love Evite and there handy dandy RSVP function).
Right, and babysitting......

Hey, if anyone is home during the day tomorrow I would love to have some company in the kitchen, think of it is an official job capacity, Baker's Tester ;)

Should I plan coffee for High Tea?

January 11th, 2006


It's 9am and I'm going to get ready to take B to daycare which means I'll be around Main and Terminal/Commercial Dr.
Does anybody want to do coffee?
I don't want to come back home :(

My cell is 604-788-7821
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